The Sayings of Dash

[More or less complete.]

Over time, Dash has picked up more than a few different guises and phrases. Here’s a handy collection of the forms he knows and the things they can say.

Existing PCs and NPCs


“Oh, fuck yes!” [this was announced by Cory upon being told he could have some paper. I know Autumn is supposed to be mute or something, but I’ve left this on the list because it amuses me.]


“I’ll beat it against his head.”


“Luckily he will not be working with you.” [reference to a belligerent dragonborn, later used prior to shooting a potentially traitorous wizard in the head.]

“I don’t think he can run anymore.”

“Musician!” [I can’t remember the circumstances in which this was said.]

“Spells that can be fired by anyone.” [Mission description.]

Red-Scaled Dragonborn

“Let’s see what they can do when they’re…motivated.”


“You’re not supposed to be here…”

Military Guards

“Let the military take care of this.”

“Step aside for a moment.”

“Easy job!”

Tiefling Bard

“Stop that!” [I think it’s apparent what this was in reference to.]

Vampire Lady

“Diamondskull’s corrupt and utterly impure forces.”

”...and us.” (grin) [I think she was referring to her military organization, but this is a generally useful statement to have in one’s vocabulary.]


“I’ll smite you so hard you’ll wish…” [here Raeza trails off to triumphantly roll some Intimidate dice]

“Stop touching!” [I don’t even remember.]

Morgan’s Character

[I didn’t write down her name.]

“You don’t wanna be burned, do you?” [I think she was intimidating the furniture.]

“It could make them angry.” [no idea.]

Innappropriate Wizard

(touch self, bad way) [Eww.]

(flick off everyone) [this will be useful in the future.]


“You’re welcome.” (sarcastically) [He healed Dash’s hand, but I think he was pissed cause Dash stuck it into the tunnel full of necrotic and cold damage for no reason. Also this may have been post-wizardslaying, which could have caused some annoyance.]

Unnamed Personalities

Wizardly Librarian

Street Waif

Fat Bartender

Impatient Girl

Shadowy Figure

Shakespearean Actor

Gnome Artificer

Imperious Military Officer

The Sayings of Dash

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