Adara Hellyer

A vengeful sorcerer who's goal is to destroy the man who destroyed her world.


rebel sorcerer

Main goal is too keep sister safe and kill the prince that betrayed her.


The sisters were in the lime light. Everyone knew who they were, which was made easier by Zylphia being betrothed to the man who owned the kingdom. The twins were uncommon amongst women, in that, they actually knew and cared about the politics of the country.

Zylphia’s view being that if it affected her negatively it was bad. While Adara felt that if it affected the majority positively then it was good. Despite basic moral disagreements the two were the best of friends. They trained beside each other and became, together, an un-stoppable team.

Then the worst thing possible happened. Their kingdom was attacked. All their defenses were down and with their heroes away nothing was there to stop the massacre. The Hellyer twins awoke in the remains of a burning city, alone. Though they never did find Zylphia’s fiance’s body.

Two years later…

Adara went ahead of the group to scout out the battlefield that laid before them. There on the horizon she saw him. She could never forget his face. It was there that he told her that he’d traded his kingdom and people for more power. He told her that he was now in league with the military that was destroying the world. He told her that he still loved Zylphia.

Adara tried to convey how evil he was to her sister, but to no avail. Zylphia saw merit in what he did. It positively affected him and the ones he cared about. Adara saw him as slime. This is where things got rocky between the two. After a couple arguments the two decided to split ways and gather as much information about the war as they could.

Adara took the rebels because their ideals were closest to her own. Zylphia took military since they seemed to want personal growth more and in hopes that she’d run into Prince Hayner.

Adara Hellyer

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