A streetwise assassin dead set on obtaining magical treasures at any cost.


Unusually dexterous and wise.

Weapon: +1 Shocking Longbow Armor: +1 Veteran’s Hide

Note: The rapid rate of fire Dot can create (Twin Strike + Twin Strike) coupled with Dash’s time-sensitive empowering effects (Magic Weapon, Burning Weapons, Sigils) allowed them to develop a synchronized attack routine they call their “Elemental Ellipsis.”

Dash traces several Sigils of power onto Dot’s bow in rapid succession, some with short expiration times, and Dot fires one, two, three, four arrows coated in a deadly mixture of ice, fire, lightning, and acid. Nothing they had ever met could withstand their combined barrage.


Dot (originally Tommy the Elf) is an elf from the mean city streets. A thief, rogue, and scoundrel by trade, trouble for profit is his bread and butter. He met up with Dash during a job and the odd changeling artificer opened his eyes to the world of magical artifacts. His tolerance of Dash’s odd habits and the artificer’s willingness to help him steal magical trinkets made the two a perfect team. He changed his name to Dot so that it would match up with Dash, who was so called because he silently wrote – on a piece of paper whenever he was asked about his name.

Despite his elven heritage and training, Dot knows far more about the city than the woodlands. He isn’t hopeless in the country, but he’ll take a rooftop over a treetop any day. When it comes to archery, he is among the elite, and he is rightfully proud of his deadly marksmanship and superior speed. Having had a new greed kindled in him by Dash’s artifice, Dot fights for items of magical power, using all the skills a lifetime of hunting has taught him to track down powerful artifacts and relieve their owners of the items, and, generally, their lives.


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