A changeling artificer so absorbed with his mutability that he has forgotten his own appearance.


Unusually intelligent and quite skilled.

Weapon: +1 Frost Crossbow Armor: +1 Veteran’s Hide


Dash is a changeling who can’t remember what he looks like. He has a tendency to shift forms often, but he never chooses to look like anyone new, just mimicry of whomever he happens to be nearby. When he meets new people, he tends to go into full-on parrot mode, mimicking everything they say and do until he feels he has a decent handle on their personality and mannerisms. Having no recollection of his own personality or appearance, he seems to think that absorbing enough different personas in this fashion will eventually lead to an epiphany about himself. It can be very annoying to meet him for the first time, but once he becomes sufficiently acquainted with an individual he will stop purely mocking their actions and merely add their persona to his repertoire, pulling it out whenever the mood strikes him.

The only time that Dash ever seems to take on a life of his own rather than the mere reflection of others is when he is working on magic-craft. The ability to create magical items from pure residuum is the one aspect of Dash that is unique to him, a talent that he owes to no one else, and he will usually revert to his “base” persona of mutable shadowstuff when he is enchanting (though depending on the specific task, there are also several artificer guises he may cycle through). He also has some semblance of self when he is near his partner, Dot. When the two are together, Dash takes the form of an inverted Dot rather than a reflection, and he speaks for himself rather than using anyone else’s voice.


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