• Adara Hellyer

    Adara Hellyer

    A vengeful sorcerer who's goal is to destroy the man who destroyed her world.
  • Ae'yoon Ray

    Ae'yoon Ray

    Changeling Warlord
  • Dash


    A changeling artificer so absorbed with his mutability that he has forgotten his own appearance.
  • Dhugesh Greentome

    Dhugesh Greentome

    Dishonored by a fatal mistake in his dream job, Dhugesh seeks nothing but personal redemption. With the memory of flames haunting every waking moment, the cleric sets out to do good, with hopes of avoiding failure.
  • Dot


    A streetwise assassin dead set on obtaining magical treasures at any cost.
  • Draaki Losk, "Grit-tooth"

    Draaki Losk, "Grit-tooth"

    Once a scout for hunting parties, now a frontline soldier in the battle against the undead. With the blessing of the Raven Queen, Draaki will stop at no costs to hunt down the one who transformed her village into a personal nightmare.
  • MDS-100 "Century"

    MDS-100 "Century"

    A magical sentry, built to protect a master wizard's lair for a millenia. Now, only 100 years later, the geas is broken, and this golem is free to protect, or destroy, what it chooses.
  • Zed


    Your friendly neighborhood backstreet shady dealer...
  • Zylphia Hellyer

    Zylphia Hellyer

    Once a noble with high hopes for life and a throne she would call her own. Zylphia fights to rise in ranks and find the man whom her sister hates before she does.