Forgotten Deities

[05] - Hiatus


The Forgotten Dieties Campaign is going on a Hiatus until May 2010.

Events that occur between then and now:

1) One years’ worth of in-game time will pass. Please determine what your character will be doing during this time.

2) All Player Characters (New and Recurring) will be starting at Lv11 when the Campaign resumes. No exceptions.

3) Rahlendarian Military Forces and the Kingdom of Zuhl will continue their neverending war. No side will gain any advantage during the year gap.

4) Rahlendar will gradually be rebuilt. The Military Tower that was destroyed will not be rebuilt.

5) All Player Characters, both Military and Rebel, need to have a place of residence in Rahlendar. The Rebel Airship, the Onyx, has set off on a journey and is no longer inside of the Northeastern Caves. The Military Barracks, meanwhile, has been converted into a factory.

6) Groups that are not affiliated with Zuhl, the Military, or the Rebels gradually grow in size and popularity.

7) The Portal to Hell near the Western Entrance to Rahlendar has been sealed and a statue has been built around the sealed portal. It is now guarded 24/7 by a dedicated Squadron, led by Maz Mazza.

8) Changes may be made between then and now. Keep tuned to this site.

IMPORTANT: When the campaign resumes, I will be enacting a CAP on how many players we have per game. This cap is set at 7 players. No more than that per game.



[05] - Hiatus

Should I simply drop this campaign permanently, then?

[05] - Hiatus

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