Forgotten Deities

[02] - Experiment One

Adventure 02

Experiment One

June 29th, Monday

Our heroes, while sitting and enjoying a wonderful set of drinks and snacks at the local “Horrid Hand” bar bear witness to an astounding situation. A Dwarf (who is actively enjoying as many alcoholic beverages as possible) is confronted by four of the local Military Guard. They claim he is to accompany them.

A team of Rebels enter the bar and effectively eliminate the Military-men, striking them with an array of unknown abilities. Ae’yoon and Draaki, as well as several other interested adventurers, make their way back to the Rebel Base along with the rebels. They use a spell to manifest a staircase into the ground in an alley and enter a hidden underground tunnel. From there, the staircase behind them is dispelled, and they arrive (after a long walk in the corridor) in a hangar bay that possesses the (now) Rebel Airship, “The Onyx”.

After being shown a tour around the ship, the adventurers arrive in the cargo bay where they are to be shown a view of the Hangar (by looking out of the ship). They find an Undead Military fanatic who, upon being struck, bursts. His blood splattered upon a container that had been stolen from the Military, causing the trigger mechanism installed to activate. It releases an Undead Lamia who, after a clever push by one of the adventurers, falls and is vanquished with surprising ease.

Following this, the adventurers are ushered from the ship. They all are given arcane-infused cards that will glow to signify that it is time to return to the ship, and that any traces left by the Undead have been removed.

Rewards and Gold

  • Adara – N/A
  • Balasar – N/A
  • Dash – N/A
  • Martin – N/A
  • Draaki – N/A
  • Zed – N/A
  • Thravaria – N/A

Story Rewards

  • None



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