Forgotten Deities

[01] - The Onyx

Adventure 01

The Onyx

June 22nd, Monday

Ae’yoon and Draaki both embarked on a journey up the eastern mountains of Rahlendar. There, they witnessed the launch of the Military’s newest airship “The Onyx”. They boarded the ship and made their way to the engine room, silencing Military Guards as they went. Upon arriving in the engine room, they proceeded to take out the metallic guardian there, in addition to the canine guardian that blocked their way. They, using technical knowledge and strength, removed the power cables that kept the airship in it’s ascending flight path.

Following their success in halting the ship’s ascent, they awaited the incoming rush of guards and ambushed them, successfully ridding the ship of all lackeys. Their final move was to take the bridge, which was devoid of all hands (save for the captain). It took no effort to relieve him of his post, and the Onyx was theirs.

The Onyx proceeded on and landed in the Eastern mountain caves without incident; directly into the Rebels’ hands.

Rewards and Gold:

  • Draaki Losk – 3x (Lv4) Clockwork Bomb, 20gp. 01 Story Reward.
  • Ae’yoon Ray – 3x (Lv4) Clockwork Bomb, 20gp. 01 Story Reward.

Story Rewards:

  • 01 – Trust of the Rebels: You have received the trust of the Rebel Squadron in Rahlendar. This trust permits you access into the Rebel HQ as well as various other resources. You also have access to various adventures that the Rebels have available to their Adventuring associates.



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