Forgotten Deities

Residence Halls

July 6th, Monday

Our adventurers, once more enjoying a wonderful round of drinks at the Horrid Hand, are presented with a surprisingly terrible situation. Within the bar, there are four civilians, two drunken military guards, and one shady individual who is petting a wolf. A trio of (clearly) Military personnel enter the bar: a Warforged, who remains towards the entrance of the tavern; a Drow, whose stern and serious face match her personality; and a Bugbear, whose loud yet free spirited nature spreads a considerable amount of intimidation throughout the room.

Their only command is that everyone is to be searched, to determine if they are of the Rebel faction or not. The bugbear announces this loudly. The drow, upon noticing the two drunken military-men in the bar, commands them to assemble. They do so, but are laughing and generally unprofessional about it, which leads to the drow using some form of skill; specifically one where she roughly pokes them in the forehead (and a small musical note is heard). One civilian gets up and begs to be allowed out of the tavern, only to be blasted back by the drow’s instrument (which never physically touches his body, as some form of sound is used as the push).

Our adventurers, thinking quickly, offer the bugbear some drinks to alleviate the boredom while they search for Rebels. He gladly accepts and takes a gulp of the bar’s most potent brew; and (after a natural 1) is floored by the alcohol. The drow is quite angry at the situation as a whole, but doesn’t have the opportunity to act on it as the Warforged enters and lifts up the Bugbear. Stating that the time and place were no longer ideal, they announce that “You rebels are safe… For now” before they depart.

Now free from the threat of being caught, our adventurers follow their glowing arcane cards that signify they need to return to the Onyx. They make their way back to the ship and enter into the bridge of the ship. Save for the Wizard and Bard, the notable rebels are all present. Radrial, the rebel leader, greets the adventurers before presenting them with an opportunity. It seems that, among the men on the airship, there is a Military spy. If the leaders were to search for the spy, they would certainly be unsuccessful, thus they wish for an ‘outside man’ to get the job done. During this entire exchange the Dwarf Druid, whose armor is coated in thorns, focuses all his attention on petting Siegfried.

The adventurers browse through two of the airship’s residence halls, meeting Stanley in the process (whose loyalty to Radrial is immediately apparent). After exploring two residence halls, there are screams of terror from the far hall. The adventurers scramble there and enter, only to be faced with a nightmare. The hall, which is littered with the dead bodies of crewmembers, contains only one apparent enemy and one fatally wounded female rebel. She screams out to the monster standing above her who, save for the ‘piece’ of his human face that is still in place, looks as if he is rotting away: “Please no! Ned?! What are you doing?!”. The monster, “Ned” apparently, has a gaping maw and a set of large wings on it’s back; and is clearly undead. Before the adventurers can enter, the bones from the corpses crack and snap and assemble, forming four fresh skeletons.

The adventurers make short work of the skeletons and run forth to face Ned, meanwhile the wound inflicted on the female rebel begins the bubble. The adventurers, now spread out in the room, suddenly gain an enemy to be fought. The blood from all the corpses in the room drains out and forms a humanoid shape in the center of the room, which promptly begins smashing blood into people. Ned, meanwhile, keeps a hand outstretched towards the blood monster while uttering words that cannot be heard.

Suddenly, leaving the skin behind like a shell, an undead that appears to be a giant mouth bursts forth from the female rebel’s body and proceeds to chomp into one of the adventurers. The fight rages on, and Ned falls. As he falls, the blood monster falls as well. Sensing a hopeless situation, the heavily injured mouth-monster dissolves into blood and runs. The adventurers pursue, only to witness Stanley cleave it in half with his halberd. He proceeds to slice at it until the adventurers finish it off. Afterwards, the adventurers are sent off to take a “purifying shower” while the residence hall that’s full of corpses is cleaned.

Rewards and Gold:

  • Zed – 1x (Lv8) Keen Oil, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.
  • Dash – 1x (Lv8) Keen Oil, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.
  • Adara – 2x (Lv2) Panther’s Tears, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.
  • Raeza – 1x (Lv8) Keen Oil, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.
  • Mossad – 1x (Lv8) Keen Oil, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.
  • Draaki – 1x (Lv8) Keen Oil, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.
  • Balasar – 1x (Lv8) Keen Oil, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.
  • Thravaria – 1x (Lv8) Keen Oil, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.
  • Autumn/Siegfried – 1x (Lv8) Keen Oil, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.

Story Rewards:

  • 02 – Halls of our own: After successfully locating and killing the Military mole inside the halls of the Onyx, the adventurers (now drafted as official Rebels) have been granted their own place to stay aboard the Onyx. Their residence halls contain enough beds (built as bunks) for all of them. In addition, a bear-bed has been placed in the far corner for Siegfried; and a hammock has been built in the ceiling corner above it, providing a bed for the Giant Ant.


I would like to add that common sense fled my panicked character when she was chomped and chewed upon for about three turns by that giant mouth, which is why she didn’t think to use her one teleportation power. >=(

[03] - Residence Halls

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