Forgotten Deities

[05] - Hiatus

The Forgotten Dieties Campaign is going on a Hiatus until May 2010.

Events that occur between then and now:

1) One years’ worth of in-game time will pass. Please determine what your character will be doing during this time.

2) All Player Characters (New and Recurring) will be starting at Lv11 when the Campaign resumes. No exceptions.

3) Rahlendarian Military Forces and the Kingdom of Zuhl will continue their neverending war. No side will gain any advantage during the year gap.

4) Rahlendar will gradually be rebuilt. The Military Tower that was destroyed will not be rebuilt.

5) All Player Characters, both Military and Rebel, need to have a place of residence in Rahlendar. The Rebel Airship, the Onyx, has set off on a journey and is no longer inside of the Northeastern Caves. The Military Barracks, meanwhile, has been converted into a factory.

6) Groups that are not affiliated with Zuhl, the Military, or the Rebels gradually grow in size and popularity.

7) The Portal to Hell near the Western Entrance to Rahlendar has been sealed and a statue has been built around the sealed portal. It is now guarded 24/7 by a dedicated Squadron, led by Maz Mazza.

8) Changes may be made between then and now. Keep tuned to this site.

IMPORTANT: When the campaign resumes, I will be enacting a CAP on how many players we have per game. This cap is set at 7 players. No more than that per game.

[04] - Hit the Shops
Adventure 04

Hit the Shops

July 8th, Wednesday

Dhugesh has an unusual encounter alongside Maz, the Bugbear in command of Outpost B.


Rewards and Gold

  • Dhugesh – _
  • Maz – N/A

Story Rewards

  • None
[03] - Residence Halls
Adventure 03

Residence Halls

July 6th, Monday

Our adventurers, once more enjoying a wonderful round of drinks at the Horrid Hand, are presented with a surprisingly terrible situation. Within the bar, there are four civilians, two drunken military guards, and one shady individual who is petting a wolf. A trio of (clearly) Military personnel enter the bar: a Warforged, who remains towards the entrance of the tavern; a Drow, whose stern and serious face match her personality; and a Bugbear, whose loud yet free spirited nature spreads a considerable amount of intimidation throughout the room.

Their only command is that everyone is to be searched, to determine if they are of the Rebel faction or not. The bugbear announces this loudly. The drow, upon noticing the two drunken military-men in the bar, commands them to assemble. They do so, but are laughing and generally unprofessional about it, which leads to the drow using some form of skill; specifically one where she roughly pokes them in the forehead (and a small musical note is heard). One civilian gets up and begs to be allowed out of the tavern, only to be blasted back by the drow’s instrument (which never physically touches his body, as some form of sound is used as the push).

Our adventurers, thinking quickly, offer the bugbear some drinks to alleviate the boredom while they search for Rebels. He gladly accepts and takes a gulp of the bar’s most potent brew; and (after a natural 1) is floored by the alcohol. The drow is quite angry at the situation as a whole, but doesn’t have the opportunity to act on it as the Warforged enters and lifts up the Bugbear. Stating that the time and place were no longer ideal, they announce that “You rebels are safe… For now” before they depart.

Now free from the threat of being caught, our adventurers follow their glowing arcane cards that signify they need to return to the Onyx. They make their way back to the ship and enter into the bridge of the ship. Save for the Wizard and Bard, the notable rebels are all present. Radrial, the rebel leader, greets the adventurers before presenting them with an opportunity. It seems that, among the men on the airship, there is a Military spy. If the leaders were to search for the spy, they would certainly be unsuccessful, thus they wish for an ‘outside man’ to get the job done. During this entire exchange the Dwarf Druid, whose armor is coated in thorns, focuses all his attention on petting Siegfried.

The adventurers browse through two of the airship’s residence halls, meeting Stanley in the process (whose loyalty to Radrial is immediately apparent). After exploring two residence halls, there are screams of terror from the far hall. The adventurers scramble there and enter, only to be faced with a nightmare. The hall, which is littered with the dead bodies of crewmembers, contains only one apparent enemy and one fatally wounded female rebel. She screams out to the monster standing above her who, save for the ‘piece’ of his human face that is still in place, looks as if he is rotting away: “Please no! Ned?! What are you doing?!”. The monster, “Ned” apparently, has a gaping maw and a set of large wings on it’s back; and is clearly undead. Before the adventurers can enter, the bones from the corpses crack and snap and assemble, forming four fresh skeletons.

The adventurers make short work of the skeletons and run forth to face Ned, meanwhile the wound inflicted on the female rebel begins the bubble. The adventurers, now spread out in the room, suddenly gain an enemy to be fought. The blood from all the corpses in the room drains out and forms a humanoid shape in the center of the room, which promptly begins smashing blood into people. Ned, meanwhile, keeps a hand outstretched towards the blood monster while uttering words that cannot be heard.

Suddenly, leaving the skin behind like a shell, an undead that appears to be a giant mouth bursts forth from the female rebel’s body and proceeds to chomp into one of the adventurers. The fight rages on, and Ned falls. As he falls, the blood monster falls as well. Sensing a hopeless situation, the heavily injured mouth-monster dissolves into blood and runs. The adventurers pursue, only to witness Stanley cleave it in half with his halberd. He proceeds to slice at it until the adventurers finish it off. Afterwards, the adventurers are sent off to take a “purifying shower” while the residence hall that’s full of corpses is cleaned.

Rewards and Gold:

  • Zed – 1x (Lv8) Keen Oil, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.
  • Dash – 1x (Lv8) Keen Oil, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.
  • Adara – 2x (Lv2) Panther’s Tears, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.
  • Raeza – 1x (Lv8) Keen Oil, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.
  • Mossad – 1x (Lv8) Keen Oil, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.
  • Draaki – 1x (Lv8) Keen Oil, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.
  • Balasar – 1x (Lv8) Keen Oil, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.
  • Thravaria – 1x (Lv8) Keen Oil, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.
  • Autumn/Siegfried – 1x (Lv8) Keen Oil, 300gp. 02 Story Reward.

Story Rewards:

  • 02 – Halls of our own: After successfully locating and killing the Military mole inside the halls of the Onyx, the adventurers (now drafted as official Rebels) have been granted their own place to stay aboard the Onyx. Their residence halls contain enough beds (built as bunks) for all of them. In addition, a bear-bed has been placed in the far corner for Siegfried; and a hammock has been built in the ceiling corner above it, providing a bed for the Giant Ant.
[02] - Experiment One
Adventure 02

Experiment One

June 29th, Monday

Our heroes, while sitting and enjoying a wonderful set of drinks and snacks at the local “Horrid Hand” bar bear witness to an astounding situation. A Dwarf (who is actively enjoying as many alcoholic beverages as possible) is confronted by four of the local Military Guard. They claim he is to accompany them.

A team of Rebels enter the bar and effectively eliminate the Military-men, striking them with an array of unknown abilities. Ae’yoon and Draaki, as well as several other interested adventurers, make their way back to the Rebel Base along with the rebels. They use a spell to manifest a staircase into the ground in an alley and enter a hidden underground tunnel. From there, the staircase behind them is dispelled, and they arrive (after a long walk in the corridor) in a hangar bay that possesses the (now) Rebel Airship, “The Onyx”.

After being shown a tour around the ship, the adventurers arrive in the cargo bay where they are to be shown a view of the Hangar (by looking out of the ship). They find an Undead Military fanatic who, upon being struck, bursts. His blood splattered upon a container that had been stolen from the Military, causing the trigger mechanism installed to activate. It releases an Undead Lamia who, after a clever push by one of the adventurers, falls and is vanquished with surprising ease.

Following this, the adventurers are ushered from the ship. They all are given arcane-infused cards that will glow to signify that it is time to return to the ship, and that any traces left by the Undead have been removed.

Rewards and Gold

  • Adara – N/A
  • Balasar – N/A
  • Dash – N/A
  • Martin – N/A
  • Draaki – N/A
  • Zed – N/A
  • Thravaria – N/A

Story Rewards

  • None
[01] - The Onyx
Adventure 01

The Onyx

June 22nd, Monday

Ae’yoon and Draaki both embarked on a journey up the eastern mountains of Rahlendar. There, they witnessed the launch of the Military’s newest airship “The Onyx”. They boarded the ship and made their way to the engine room, silencing Military Guards as they went. Upon arriving in the engine room, they proceeded to take out the metallic guardian there, in addition to the canine guardian that blocked their way. They, using technical knowledge and strength, removed the power cables that kept the airship in it’s ascending flight path.

Following their success in halting the ship’s ascent, they awaited the incoming rush of guards and ambushed them, successfully ridding the ship of all lackeys. Their final move was to take the bridge, which was devoid of all hands (save for the captain). It took no effort to relieve him of his post, and the Onyx was theirs.

The Onyx proceeded on and landed in the Eastern mountain caves without incident; directly into the Rebels’ hands.

Rewards and Gold:

  • Draaki Losk – 3x (Lv4) Clockwork Bomb, 20gp. 01 Story Reward.
  • Ae’yoon Ray – 3x (Lv4) Clockwork Bomb, 20gp. 01 Story Reward.

Story Rewards:

  • 01 – Trust of the Rebels: You have received the trust of the Rebel Squadron in Rahlendar. This trust permits you access into the Rebel HQ as well as various other resources. You also have access to various adventures that the Rebels have available to their Adventuring associates.
Player Information
Essential Knowledge

Necrodemic (Infection): Stage 1: Vulnerable Radiant 1. Resist Necrotic 1. Areas of decay that heal. Stage 2: Vulnerable Radiant 5. Resist Necrotic 5. Low Light Vision. Stage 3: Vulnerable Radiant 9. Resist Necrotic 9. Gain Reach+1 Daily Ability. Stage 4: Vulnerable Radiant 15. Resist Necrotic 15. Gain Necrotic Breath (Burst 3) Encounter Ability. Stage 5: Undead monster. * Skin infection gradually grows worse as the stages progress. Stage 1 is minimally infectious. Stage 4 is completely infectious. * The infection can be fought, and it’s spread can be delayed through various healing methods, but almost no abilities to purge the Necrodemic from a body exist.

Spellplague: Ignore all Spellplague details. When in doubt, the Undead were responsible for something. The spellplague Multiclass abilities will still be available as “Necrodemic Adept”.

Necrodemic Adept (Multiclass): You hone the abilities of the Necrodemic that ravage your body for your own benefit. This is no illness, this is your new strength! In order to take this feat, your character must be afflicted with a Necrodemic between the levels of 1 and 4. You gain “Deep Speech” as a language. Benefit: Each time you level up, you are permitted to exchange one of your Encounter, Daily, or Utility Powers permanently for a Necrodemic Encounter, Daily, or Utility power of equivalent level. Each time you do this, add 1 to your total Resist Necrotic and add 1 to your total Vulnerable Radiant.

Adventuring Group System: You are permitted two characters in this custom campaign. During the campaign, our “Adventures” will focus on the “Alpha Company” adventuring group, which will be comprised of whichever adventurers choose to embark on that particular day. Any and all other characters that have been created and exist in the world of this custom campaign will be assigned to either “Bravo Company” or “Charlie Company”, which is assumed to be doing adventures in the background. This allows them to level up as well, so no particular character is left behind.

Available Deities: Only the Gods / Goddesses on this list may be worshipped by your characters in this campaign: Any others are not present in this world. Some suspect that they have abandoned the world due to the start of the Necrodemic. All deities seem weaker than they were prior to the Necrodemic, though some are still able to manifest a physical form to speak to or impart power to their followers. Only at Shrines, found in various places throughout the globe (and some in Rahlendar) can these Gods be found.

  • Avandra
  • Bahamut
  • Bane
  • Corellon
  • Erathis (In Rahlendar)
  • Gruumsh
  • Ioun
  • Kord (In Rahlendar)
  • Lolth
  • Melora
  • Moradin
  • Pelor (In Rahlendar)
  • Raven Queen
  • Sehanine
  • Tharizdun
  • The Path of Light
  • The Silver Flame
  • Tiamat
  • Torog
  • Vecna
  • Zehir
Adventure Information
Essential Knowledge

Synopsis – Forgotten Dieties (Custom Campaign) 10 years prior to the current day, the first recorded case of the Necrodemic surfaced. The Necrodemic, as it is so aptly named, earned a classification as a global necrotic pandemic. Any who are afflicted by it will gradually decay until they themselves join the necrotic ranks of the Undead. Any who die join the ranks of the Undead as well, within two weeks (if they were unaffected by the Necrodemic at death). Though the most unsettling event, by far, is the first “trapped spirit”. In striking contrast to the norm, the spirit of a fallen being will visibly leave it’s former body and roam the sky until the end of time. Rumors speak that these wandering souls that now fly in the high sky above the world are capable of bringing destruction to the world. Other rumors state that the spirits of the dead will eventually rise again. Others yet claim that they are but a dream. No one has investigated what they are capable of, and are hesitant to attempt doing so. In the 10 years since the first corpse rose again, and the first spirit flew to the sky, many significant events have unfolded. The years are now known by the “Post Necrodemic” label, as many notable historians have labeled this event as “The end of the world of old”. Many have said “The gods have abandoned us”. While it is true, following the Necrodemic, that the divine powers bestowed from the Gods above have taken a significant downturn in their usefulness. The spirits of all Deities still remain present. Some more powerful and prevelant than others.

Rahlendar History: Rahlendar is a large city situated in a prime location. To the Northeast, East, and Southeast lie large mountains. Upon these, there are various plateaus covered in trees and wildlife that overlook the city; and within these mountainous cliffs are an extensive network of tunnels and caverns.. To the northwest is the Military encampment of the city, which is protected by a large stone wall, defensively enchanted by Arcane spells. Prior to the Necrodemic, Rahlendar was a city based around three things. Military Training, Food and Spices, and Mining. The rule of the city was comprised of a group of individuals appointed from various city sectors. Each with no more power than another, and each no more than a civilian. Any civilian could step forward and make a proposition and no amount of evil or corrupt behavior ever set foot inside of the “Council”. The presence of good and the complete lack of evil made all members extremely trusting of the world at large. Rahlendar’s Military has a focus on two factors. Strong training to result in strong warriors, and a powerful force of Airships. Often, the city would even train soldiers for nearby cities. This was a time of peace. The foods and spices of Rahlendar were world-renowned for their diversity and delicious tastes. They exported any extra that they created, leading to good relations with nearby cities. Lastly, the Mining expeditions within Rahlandar consistently unearthed new and powerful minerals and elements. Shortly before PN 00, Miners were having extreme worries in relation to the depth of their tunnels and of the amount of remaining minerals within their mountain.

  • PN 00 – Mining abruptly ends in Rahlendar, and many of the caves are sealed. Undead dominate the former Mining tunnels. Food and Spice production takes a significant downturn.
  • PN 01 – “The Duke” takes a stand among the Council, claiming that he has been sent by the Deities above as a messenger. His claims are for his own benefit and he assures the people of Rahlendar that he is the one and only being capable of saving the lives of all in the city.
  • PN 02 – The corpse of “The Duke” is found by a routine Military Patrol group. Affixed to his body is a note exclaiming “We cannot ignore this man’s selfish sins.” The three Military Leaders, Generals Gray, Hart, and Trae, immediately initiate martial law in the city of Rahlendar.. The Council willingly disbands and is not heard from again. Wizards in the city begin to disappear.
  • PN 03 – War is declared on all enemy Cities and Nations, and Rahlendar’s Military production goes into overdrive. Curfew is established in order to dissuade and catch enemy spies. In reality, it is to keep the streets of the city clear as the Military moves about. The amount of Undead in the vicinity of the city decrease, but the number of civilians and military soldiers afflicted with the Necrodemic skyrockets.
  • PN 04 – Refugees begin filtering into Rahlendar from other cities, telling tales of those who destroyed their city. Some tell of “Airships that rain down fire and death upon all”, and others tell of “Soldiers in Black Armor who wield Magical Lances, who take no prisoners”.
  • PN 05 – “Dragonmark” Guilds begin to surface in Rahlendar, established by refugees from across the globe. Some form of comfort comes to city dwellers, as these Guilds offer safe haven from many things. Guilds offer housing and training to any willing to learn.
  • PN 06 – Construction of “The Amethyst” begins. The Military’s greatest airship. Many Military officials, including two of the Generals, are afflicted with the Necrodemic.
  • PN 07 – Construction of the twin airships “The Onyx” and “The Zircon” commence. The Onyx’s hull is damaged in an unexplained incident. Rumors tell of an Undead attack. Construction of the Onyx is delayed.
  • PN 08 – Construction of “The Amethyst” is finished. The ship launches and heads to war. No reports of the war outside are ever heard by civilian ears. They are merely told that things are progressing smoothly. The rebel faction in the city is founded, making a home base within the abandoned mines. They use their skills to fight off any undead. Rumors tell of a powerful Swordmage, Druid, and Wizard who lead the Rebels.
  • PN 09 – Construction of “The Zircon” is completed. Shortly after launch, civilians report the deck of the airship as being “overrun by Undead” as it flew away. The Military refused to comment, and reportedly arrested an entire group attempting to spread information about the incident.
  • PN 10 – Construction of “The Onyx” is completed. Shortly after launch, the airship reportedly descended again and disappeared beyond the edge of the city. Rumors say a team of Rebels took the airship for themselves. Others say it was one single, divine warrior. Now, a team of adventurers is assembling and is preparing to make their choice. Rebel or Military?

The War – A Survivor’s Story: For any character who chooses to be a Refugee from a destroyed city, you first are permitted to choose from one of the “Forgotten Realms” Manual cities that are available, or you may make a custom city. (Please propose appropriate bonuses when creating a custom city, and run the details past me for full approval. We will be keeping a Master List of all Custom Cities.) Non-refugees will not know this information unless told. Refugees may choose one of the following events to have destroyed their town. (If you want a background that is custom from these, and you still wish to be a Refugee, please ask me). * At the same time that an unusually large Undead Horde began to march on the city, engaging nearly every soldier that was available to defend the City, Airships fly over the city. They immediately rain down Arcane fire on the city, leading to everything being burned down. In the chaos and confusion caused by the flames, the Undead horde overtakes the city and consumes any living being they can come across. It is clear that these undead are the victims of the Necrodemic. * During the black of night, soldiers wearing heavy black armor advance on the city and stop at the city limits. Each soldier carries a lance that it lowers and aims into the city. A blue arcane glow circles around the metal of the lance before it is released, obliterating everything before it as if it were a cannon. Most cities are destroyed after just five volleys of this arcane assault. Any being stabbed by a soldier’s lance is engulfed by a blue fire before disappearing into ash. The soldiers kill any survivors they come across before disappearing into the night again.


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